About Us

Aerial Advertising Specialists

Branding By Air is the worlds leading aerial display, stunt and aerial advertising specialist company combining five of the most popular aerial display mediums;

  • Super Sky-banners
  • Skydiving and aerial stunts
  • Aerobatics Aircraft
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Skywriting

We are now also providers of  Stadium Signage On-Field & Crowd Banners


To be world leaders in aerial advertising, providing our clients with creative, dynamic, innovative and cost effective outdoor advertising and promotion mediums to bring their brand and marketing campaigns to life.

Our Role

The team at BBA takes pride in coordinating all facets of your aerial advertising campaign which could include activity on the ground too!  From the manufacture of banners, custom rigging equipment, approvals with aviation and other relevant authorities making your whole event and experience a turnkey operation.

About BBA

We know that each and every event is different.  We liaise with the client to tailor an aerial show to budget, location, aerial display or advertising needs.  BBA custom designs outdoor events with stunt work, water shows, water banners, abseiling and various other outdoor events.  All geared towards creating the optimum end result for our clients.

BBA prides itself on innovation, our latest products include the SkyLotto charity event and 3D RAM-Air banner.

BBA was formerly known as Skylark Promotions.

An Unrivalled Advantage

BBA has over 30 years of experience. BBAs team members have been acknowledged in their particular fields with State, National and International level medals and recognition.


Duncan commenced his career in the field of experiential marketing working with global brands such as Red Bull, Coca-Cola, V Energy, Bonds, Berlei, McDonalds and all the major Australian telecommunications companies.  Fate led Duncan into the world of aviation after a number of helicopter related events and in late 2010 Herbert and McIntyre joined forces.

With a solid grounding and understanding of large scale events, marketing, brand and sponsorship activation, Duncan is helping to lead Branding By Air in new directions since his appointment as Managing Director in April 2011.


Our Operations Director holds the world record for the largest banner ever skydived. Sean invented and developed the Giant banner systems for both skydiving and helicopter mediums and attained the world patent for the system.

Sean has over 4,000 skydives, holds a helicopter pilots licence, motor paragliding and paragliding licence and has conducted displays and operations in over 30 countries; even personally training the Royal Prince of Qatar to fly.

Sean created a number of world firsts, including:

  • Fox Studios Opening Sydney
  • Closing Ceremony Torino Winter Games
  • 75th Anniversary of Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Kuwait, HALA Festival
  • Perth Sky-fire Aerial Pyro Show


Paul is our aircraft and skydiving manager and is the most experienced skydiving display skydiver in Australia.  If that wasnt enough, Paul is also a Skysurfing champion. He is currently the Chief Instructor for Skydive OZ Skydiving Centre.

Paul has over 12,000 skydives and holds licenses for Hang gliding, Para gliding and is a fixed wing pilot.

Carbon Reduction

The task of minimising the impact of human induced climate change will be one of the major challenges of the 21st Century. With this in mind, Branding By Air has started the process of reducing its impact on the climate.

Branding By Air has taken a bold step of buying a test facility south of Sydney and is offsetting carbon emissions for operations by participating in tree replanting programs whilst running the administration facilities on solar power.